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Ministers :
Andrew Barr MLA

Andrew Barr, MLA

Contact: Contact Chief Minister Andrew Barr, MLA

Office: Chief Minister Andrew Barr's Office


  • Chief Minister
  • Treasurer
  • Minister for Economic Development
  • Minister for Urban Renewal
  • Minister for Tourism and Events
Simon Corbell MLA

Simon Corbell, MLA

Contact: Contact Minister Simon Corbell, MLA

Office: Minister Simon Corbell's Office


  • Deputy Chief Minister
  • Attorney General
  • Minister for the Environment and Climate Change
  • Minister for Health
  • Minister for Police and Emergency Services
Mick Gentleman, MLA

Mick Gentleman, MLA

Contact: Contact Minister Mick Gentleman, MLA

Office: Minister Mick Gentleman's Office


  • Minister for Planning and Land Management
  • Minister for Racing and Gaming
  • Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations
  • Manager of Government Business
Shane Rattenbury, MLA

Shane Rattenbury, MLA

Contact: Contact Minister Shane Rattenbury, MLA

Office: Minister Shane Rattenbury's Office


  • Minister for Corrections
  • Minister for Education
  • Minister for Justice and Consumer Affairs
  • Minister for Road Safety
Yvette Berry, MLA

Yvette Berry, MLA

Contact: Contact Minister Yvette Berry, MLA

Office: Minister Yvette Berry's Office


  • Minister for Housing, Community Services and Social Inclusion
  • Minister for Multicultural and Youth Affairs
  • Minister for Sport and Recreation
  • Minister for Women
Meegan Fitzharris MLA

Meegan Fitzharris, MLA

Contact: Contact Minister Meegan Fitzharris, MLA

Office: Minister Meegan Fitzharris' Office


  • Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research
  • Minister for Transport and Municipal Services
  • Assistant Health Minister
Dr Chris Bourke, MLA

Dr Chris Bourke, MLA

Contact: Contact Minister Chris Bourke, MLA

Office: Minister Chris Bourke's Office


  • Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
  • Minister for Children and Young People
  • Minister for Disability
  • Minister for Small Business and the Arts
  • Minister for Veterans and Seniors
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